Well this one cropped up into my mind when one of my seniors in the office showed some concern towards the current existing travel and expenses portal. When he travelled to the US for an official visit he had to carry all the invoices in his wallet, so that when he is back offshore he could scan those and enter the line items to claim his expenses. Well by the time he was back his wallet was overflowing with invoices. There were close to 40. He had to scan those 40 invoices one by one and enter the line items in the existing SAP portal. Disgusting isn’t it? What if he had a mobile app in his iphone with which he could take instant pic of the invoice enter the line items in the interface of the app and send it to the validation team for approval! Ya i know there should be similar apps in the market,but what i was more concerned towards was the way to send that data to the system from the mobile. Well i am still doing a research on this,  anyone reading this blog, please let me know if you have some way out for this.