came across this term recently when me and my friends were thinking of an innovative solution to capture various forms of feedbacks for a retail industry. Feedbacks can be differentiated as text, voice and dropbox. The data can be consolidated and used for business improvement and proper employee performance analysis. This workflow starts with the customers who provide the feedback regarding their experience in the store/shop or the product. This feedback flows into the system and gets sorted according to the type of data(good,bad or suggestion). The HR validates the information by thoroughly going through the feedbacks. Then the HR filters the bad feedbacks and suggestions and logs a ticket for each feedback targetting the concerned person with his/her comments. The concerned person receives the feedback and takes necessary action for the feedback and logs a solution and resolution for the feedback. Finally HR drafts a mail to the customer informing that the feedback was addressed. Voice feedback is something which really dragged my attention because this can be a hit and has not yet been installed in any of the stores. This removes the complication of writting or typing the comments. A kiosk can be installed which records customer’s voice feedbacks. Basically collecting and managing the feedbacks to improve the customer experience can be precisely drafted as enterprise feedback management system.