Love and Job

One is happy if he treats love like a job One is happy if he loves his job It’s not a job if it gives you stress It’s not a love if it’s… Continue reading

The Indian caste system

As perceived by the west, the great Indian caste system is a discrimination institutionalised by the Hindu religion. It’s a taboo which a normal Indian carries when he travels abroad. Apparently I have… Continue reading

The world is still flat

I am a maverick I love the open sky, My thoughts have wings which love to fly, But they are trapped in the shackles of orthodox rules, And they are strangled to death… Continue reading

Last date

It was dark it was cold            Your hands were by mine Which i dearly wanted to hold. There was a drop of tear  , Held loosly in my eyes Parting from you is… Continue reading

The fear of death

The day he was born He was scared, thinking of the day he will be gone He lived his life with a constant fear, a fear of loosing himself or his dear He… Continue reading


  It’s just a hurricane passing My mast stands tall, my ship still dancing. Thunders n waves trying to break my raid But I stand on my deck unafraid. It’s a starless night,… Continue reading

Did I die virgin?

“Did I die virgin?” asks my soul. “Yes” said myself turning eyes away from my soul. “Lier” shouts my soul called myself as “shameless”. “You got fucked at every step in life and… Continue reading


I hope thoughts could speak; Blunt are my words brute is my gesture But, deep within is a coward heart Which could hardly sneak Shouts my shameless ego, on the loved ones. Faces… Continue reading


Confusions affecting my conclusions. I stand alone with my faded intuitions. Darkness engulfs my future, Leaving my present in pause I am scared to live now and left with no cause.


I was walking by the lane, When I heard someone crying in pain. It was an infant crying for shelter and food. I just thought: Where is that careless lady denying her motherhood?… Continue reading